With Every New Installation Done We Offer A 3 Month Free Maintenance And Service.
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With Every New Installation Done We Offer A 3 Month Free Maintenance And Service.
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Water Harvesting Specialists

Welcome to JB Green Guys – water harvesting specialists. We became aware of the foreseen issues that our country faces relating to the lack of infrastructure towards the ever growing water demand. Many households would like to reduce their water usage, however they were bombarded with huge home systems, the hefty price tag, and not to mention the lack of knowledge.

A lot of research went into our personal experience with rain water harvesting, grey water usage, the implementation of bacteria, and what is regarded as black water.

Once our system was set up and functional, not neglecting to mention trial and error, we came across many neighbours who are wanting to do the change over.

Hence J&B Green Guys was created. We do not feel that supplying you with the product, and A-Z installation instructions will make you understand and be satisfied, but an insight and basic understanding of the process, to ensure that you are not harvesting black water or feeding this into your garden.

It is through experience and interaction with the community, that has led to the creation of this company, to the success of sustainable grey water harvesting, knowledge to help our community be responsible of their contribution towards their carbon foot print, and most important to preserve our life line, WATER.

We trust that this gives you a just understanding of our passion to be part of the solution of water preservation. That our means are humble and honest. If we are able to get a community working together, we will strive for the Nation.


 We design, install & supply complete Rainwater Harvesting Products and Systems:

Greywater Harvesting

All Modification’s to get your home ready for Greywater Harvesting or Recycling / Re-use

Plumbing and Pipes

We supply and instal all types of piping from PVC – Steam Pipes

Water Storage Tanks

We supply and install Water Storage Tanks

Domestic Plumbing

We supply and install gutters and provide Domestic Plumbing services

Water Harvesting Solutions

Read more about the water harvesting solutions we provide

Current Project

40 000Ltr Rainwater Storage(4 x 10 000Ltr Tanks) With Grey Water for Irrigation
Pressure Pump with UV Sterilization with Filtration
Domestic Gutter’s with Leaf Catchers and Underground Piping
Manifold Installed at Mains. Rainwater / Municipal water selection for Household use


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E: bepe@jbgreenguys.com

Arthur – 076 400 3629 – Gauteng (Assistant Sales)
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Jeannette – 079 529 1073 – Gauteng (Accounts – Boss)
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