This easy to install and read Water Tank Gauge is all you would need to see the water level inside your tank.

  1. No Electricity Required
  2. No complicated cabling or batteries required
  3. Easy to read dial

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When Harvesting Rainwater off your houses roof, or any roof it is useful to fit one of these filter screens before the leaves and stick go into your tank. It becomes even more important if you have a pressure pump fitted to the tank as the pumps impeller will, over time get damaged.

We stock a complete range with different diameters to accommodate almost any tank.

Brief Description: 

Leaves and debris that build up in gutters can be damaging to your fitted pump. By screening leaves onto the ground, the Leaf Eater prevents gutters from blocking and decreases your pumps wear and tear.

A secondary stainless steel screen is included to keep mosquitoes and vermin out of downpipes in a “wet” system. With the removal of the secondary screen, the Leaf Eater is ideal for use purely as a debris removing device.

How It Works:

As water flows from the gutters it carries leaves and debris. The Leaf Eater incorporates directional gutter outlet which allows an increased flow of water through the outlet making rainwater catchment even more efficient.

This water is directed onto the face of the primary screen. This screen has a 5.5mm opening and is at an angle of roughly 45°. This angled screen is self-cleaning and forces the leaves and debris away allowing the water to continue through towards the secondary screen.

The secondary stainless steel screen of 0.995mm opening further filters the water and prevents mosquitoes from entering the pipe system. Once the water passes through this insect proof screen it flows into the down pipes and to your tank.

The first flush of water from the roof can contain amounts of bacteria from dead insects, bird and animal droppings and some traces of acid. It may also contain pollen, water borne heavy metals and chemical residues, all of which are undesirable elements to have in a water storage system. JB Green Guys range of First Flush Water Diverters (or Roof Washers) capture the first most contaminated rainwater from the roof and gutters, automatically diverting the subsequent cleaner rainwater to the storage tank, with the contaminated water fed to a drip system and back into the soil or garden.