The all famous Water Back-up system with all it’s Pro’s and Con’s.

We at JB green Guys (Pty) LTD have tried and tested many variations of this type of system over the years. Many of them worked BUT with flaws and problems being found down the line. Remember that a municipal back-up system should be hassle free, with you as the customer not needing to worry about the Municipal pressure or supply at any given time. Together with this we found the customer wanting a constant pressure and supply all the time.

The system that we settled on is practical and user friendly, with only 2 ball valves to operate. These valve’s only need to be used if and when you have a pump or power failure, other than that all you need to do is sit back and let our system do the rest.

At a minimal cost with a basic set-up why wouldn’t you choose us to install your water back-up system.

Components with-in our system are basic.

  1. Tank(As per Household size)
  2. Pump(As per Household Demand)
  3. SABS HDPE Piping with SABS Ball Valves
  4. Emergency bypass

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